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Bullying At School: What We Know and What We Can Do (Understanding Children’s Worlds)by Dan Olweus

* This clear, brief, and practical book has become the standard approach to bullying prevention worldwide. Based on extensive research and outlines an intervention to prevent bullying.

  • Bullies and Victims: Helping Your Child Survive The Schoolyard Battlefield

by Suellen Fried and Paula Fried

*This book explores the context of teasing and the power of relationships between children, as well as the roles of adults, schools, the media, and society at large. Also provides suggestions for parental intervention and reaction.

  • The Bully Free Classroom : Over 100 Tips and Strategies for Teachers K-8

By Allan L. Beane

*Includes practical and effective strategies for coping with bully behavior, encouraging parental involvement, and making classrooms a place to learn, not fear. Offers many useful ideas for parents as well.


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